Stockholm Travel Report: Part II – Royal Palaces

Stockholm Travel Report: Part II – Royal Palaces

During my week long trip to Stockholm, I visited three royal palaces. I highly recommend the guided tours and was even lucky enough to have a private tour of Gustav III’s Pavilion!! Tours were easy to sign up for at each location and none of the locations were overly crowded. Think the exact opposite of Versailles! Highlights: Wandering the gardens at Drottningholm on a misty morning with the locals and their dogs, the interior hand painted paneling and wallpaper of the Chinese Pavilion, and the furniture/ chandeliers in Gustav III’s Pavilion. All exterior photos are mine and interior photos are from my tour books.

Drottningholm Palace

I took an hour long boat ride from Stockholm to reach Drottningholm. This palace is currently the private residence of the Royal family. Along with the palace, you can also tour the Chinese Pavilion and Theatre. Make sure to stop at the cafe next to the Chinese Pavilion for a fresh waffle with berries and cream!

Drottning means “Queen” in Swedish. On the site once sat a castle that was built in 1579 for Queen Katarina Jagellonica, which burned down in 1661. Construction of the current palace began in 1662 and the exterior/interior have evolved ever since.

Chinese Pavilion at Drottningholm

A birthday present for Queen Lovisa Ulrika from her husband.

Completed in 1763.

Gustav III’s Pavilion at Haga Park

Located in Haga Park, King Gustav III used the pavilion year round and had grand plans for the park, which included a new residence. He was murdered in 1792 and his vision was never completed. Luck for us, this building still stands!

Royal Palace: Stockholm

Located on Galma Stan, this is the official palace of the King and Queen. There was scaffolding on half the building, so no pretty photos – sorry!




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