Mission Organization: Seasonal Clothing

Mission Organization: Seasonal Clothing

Reality has hit – our warm weather and evening light is gone. Fall is here and it’s time to pack up my summer skirts and dresses. Our place lacks closet space (especially hanging), so I rotate clothing seasonally. Yes – I know, we live the SF bay area, but I still find it helpful to rotate. At the same time, I look through all my clothing and decide what should stay and what can go. Here are some of my tips for organizing by season:

Look through all your clothes and ask yourself:

a.) Did I wear this item this season?

If yes, clean it properly and pack for next year.

If no, why?

a.) If it is out of style or does not fit, it’s probably time to toss, donate, or consign. If you’re not ready to let it go, pack it up and TRY to make a decision next year.

b.) If it needs to be repaired, take it to your dry cleaner/ seamstress for repairs and pack it up for next year.

I like to use clean containers, just in case I need to find something quickly! Measure your closet and find the largest available container. I’m a big fan of the sweater box at The Container Store.


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